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Summer Intern Program

Here at Devens Recycling Center a passion for preserving our environment and a commitment to future generations is the central theme of our Company’s Corporate Culture.  We were determined to create and develop a valuable educational program for young people who share our passion for recycling and as a result, we established our internship program as a way to demonstrate our focus on tomorrow’s leaders. 

This year we have been fortunate to have one outstanding candidate enrolled in the program.  We invite you to take a moment to meet our intern.


Moriah King
Hello! My name is Moriah King, and I am nineteen years young. I currently attend the University of Tampa in Florida, majoring in public relations, advertising, and government. I grew up in Westford, Ma just a short fifteen minute drive from Deven's Recycling Center.

This summer I had an absolutely fabulous time working as a scale house operator at Devens. Each morning my day started with opening the scale house, balancing the cash draw, and unlocking the gates to pleasantly greet all incoming drivers. Being the first person the drivers see, it was extremely important to learn their names, ask them about their day, and make sure they were pleased with our services; keeping customers happy and coming back.

For each truck I composed a ticket including the truck's weight, customer name, and location the load came from. There are also outbound trucks that are weighed empty, loaded, and entered on a ticket according to their destination. A crucial part was to ensure all outbound trucks were not grossly over, or under weight.

My knowledge was expanded within a technical sense of learning new computer software, understanding the different types of recyclable materials, and effectively and efficiently organizing tickets for invoicing and billing purposes. Devens Recycling Center constantly goes above and beyond in order to continue to make new customers, as well as keep returning ones satisfied. From as sales point of view I learned that little things such as making exceptions for customers with payment methods, materials, and even providing lunch to drivers once a week can go a long way.

Come to find out, recycling is much more than tossing your empty soda can in the bin with a circle of arrows on it. I had no idea there were so many different types of material that are able to be recycled. Keeping the plant flowing smoothly is brilliantly executed through the hard work of the entire staff. Everyone here is always working to the best of their abilities as a team to reach daily goals. My time at Devens Recycling Center proved to be more than just a summer job, and actually has me considering changing my major to engineering in green energy.



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